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Judul : Leo Da Vinci : Mission Mona Lisa
Tahun : 2018
Negara : Italy
Genre : Animasi, Adventure
Kualitas : 720p

Sinopsis : In the late Middle Age’s Italy, Leonardo “Leo” Da Vinci is a young boy lover to invent advanced machines who lives happy with his best friend Lorenzo and beauty Lisa, being secretly fall in love with her. After to test the first dive suit of his creation in a lake, tragedy appears when coming back to home Lisa realizes that her house and lands have been burned by a fire. Owner of the lands threats Lisa’s father to marry her with his son if he doesn’t give all money he debts as retribution by the fire, causing Lisa’s sorrow. Trying to save her, Leo Da Vinci decides travel to Florencia to gain money and pay the debt with help of Lorenzo.

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